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Bring sexy back with the Pucker Back Bikini

Product: Pucker Back Bikini
AKA: the Pucker Bikini, the Scrunchie Butt, the Scrunched Back, the Pucker Butt
What: the latest bikini style to hit the shores
Description: This style gets rid of the bag and sag that inevitably happens when you wear your typical bikini bottom.  You know, that thing that happens when you get out of the water?  Well, with this style, you won’t be caught adjusting anything anymore!  The back of these Pucker Butt Bikinis have ruched stitching down the middle that gathers up the excess fabric.  So instead of seeing extra cloth, you get to see some serious curves.  What better way to show off your backside than by wearing a bottom that’s designed to do just that?  Try one on and see for yourself just how comfortable and sexy these bikinis are!  Click here to see more Pucker Back Bikinis!.Pucker Back Bikini